What is Whim?

Whim makes selling tickets to your next event easier with quick payouts, high end customer service, and a platform that will get you started with just one simple click.

Create Your Event

Create Your Event

With our easy-to-use software, your event page will be ready in minutes!

Build Custom Event Website

We’ll Build Your Custom Website

We’ll build you a beautiful custom event webpage for free.*

Complimentary Staffing

Complimentary Staffing

You bring the party, we’ll provide the staff to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Complimentary Marketing

Complimentary Marketing

Promote your event on our app + newsletter with access to free text message & email marketing blasts.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service*

You or your ticket-holders have a question? Our VIP list always has your name on it.

Complimentary Staffing

Secure the bag, fast.

Cash out ticket sales via Venmo, Cash App, Bank Deposit & more.

It's so easy to get started with Whim!

Whim handles ticketing, promotions, and who's coming so you can focus on planning your event. We make throwing events easier and more profitable than you thought possible.

Ready to create your next event? Get started now!

Our Features

Text Message Marketing Blast

Email Marketing Blast



Web Design


Choose Your Event Package

Power User
4.5% + $3
Free website*
Free staffing*
Free Email Blasts credits*
Free Text Message credits*
Free promotion on Website and Mobile App
Access to Partnership Opportunities
4.5% + $1
Simple, clean, easy interface
Easy and Fast payment options
Free promotion on Website and Mobile App
Contact us if you want us to power your large event and we can put together a custom package to suit your needs

How we stack up against our competitors

Fees: 4.5% + $1 5.5% + $1
Custom Webpage: Yes - but you have to do it yourself
Staffing: Free
Email Marketing: Unlimited 500 Free
Text Message Marketing: 500 Free N/A
Marketing: Website, App, Instagram, Email Blasts N/A
Partnership Opportunities: We welcome them! Pshhttt…good luck!
Cash Out: 4 Business days following the end of the event 1 Week after event ends
Early Withdrawal: Available Not avaialble
Get your webpage running in 2 minutes or less:
Promo Codes:
Comp Tickets:
Deliver tickets via text messsage?
App Push notifications: N/A
Pay with ApplePay:
Sales Analytics: Robust
Custom Website name (custom domains):
Live Customer Support:
Payment Options: Check, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Chase Quickpay Bank transfer, Check

Have other questions? Check out our FAQs

*Must meet minimum tickets sold requirements.